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When a traditional funeral seems too expensive, Rivera Family Funeral Home has created a unique way for the people of The Land of Enchantment to honor their loved one with cost-effective and time-saving online cremation arrangements.

Here are three reasons why New Mexicans are choosing cremation services versus a traditional burial.

  • Cost: The average cost of a traditional burial ranges between $6,500 – $12,000, which can lead to a financial burden on the surviving family.
  • Time Consuming: The average time of a funeral arrangement can range between 2-4 hours plus additional arrangements scheduling your loved ones memorial service and meeting with cemetery officials.
  • Emotional undue stress: Although we try to make our establishment as comfortable as possible to our grieving families, we are fully aware that the atmosphere can cause undue emotional stress to the grieving family.

Advantages of Rivera Family Funeral Home online cremation arrangements.

  • Cost: The average cost of online cremation arrangements is a fraction compared to traditional burial service, and you can customize to your budgetary needs.
  • Time: Rivera Family Funeral Home has created a unique process for making cremation service arrangements online that can be completed at your convenience in four easy steps, bypassing the emotional stress of visiting a Funeral Home.

Our staff at Rivera Family Funeral Home is committed to providing all our families with the assistance needed in transitioning to our online cremation services. Unfortunately, we all have experienced a loved one’s death and are devoted to guiding you through this life-changing event.

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