What Is a Celebrant?»

To address the needs of families in grief and to help the healing process go forward, funeral homes are beginning to utilize the services and expertise of Funeral Celebrants. Initiated by Doug…

Cremation and the Healing Power of Ritual»

Ritual and ceremony is an intricate part of some people’s life or culture, while other people may not even know they are doing some aspect of these disciplines. Ritual and ceremony does not have to be religious and may not even seem spiritual.

How to Cope with Grief, with Ted Wiard»

The Rev. Ted Wiard is a licensed clinical therapist, certified grief counselor, an ordained minister, a New Mexico certified schoolteacher, and a certified tennis teaching professional. Ted’s passion for working with grief, loss, and resiliency arose from his own personal losses in which he realized there were very few places to go for support and healing from loss.